Bilderberg Chieftain in 1970: Further European Integration in Gradual, “Successive Stages” Through Informal Meetings


Jurriaan Maessen
May 24, 2012

In 1970, long-time member and chairman of the Bilderberg group viscount Étienne Davignon published a report in which the ministers of Foreign Affairs of six European nations pledged to further the European agenda through mostly informal gatherings.

The report, to which the ministers of Foreign Affairs of all major European nations pledged allegiance, admits that the further integration of nations must follow a gradual, incremental path in “successive stages”.

The report, named after the viscount himself, was published in the bulletin of the European Communities in November of 1970 and details how the European power-elite has planned European integration, not by chance- or as wishful thinking on the part of the political and economic elite, but rather through “successive stages and the gradual development of the method and instruments best calculated to allow a common political course of action”, so states the…

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