Find A Compassionate Doctor To Help You Prevent Vaccine Injuries

Find A Compassionate Doctor To Help You Prevent Vaccine Injuries

By Barbara Loe Fisher

Brain inflammation, which can include seizures, is a serious complication of vaccination. For the first 40 years that pertussis vaccine was given to children in the DPT shot, pediatricians were told: “Do not give more pertussis vaccine to children, who develop seizures within 72 hours of a DPT vaccination.” But that changed after Congress passed a 1986 law shielding doctors and vaccine manufacturers from vaccine injury lawsuits.

Protecting Children Vulnerable to Vaccine Reactions

Today, it is really up to parents to find a doctor, who will take the precautionary approach to giving more vaccines in the face of previous vaccine reactions, like seizures, especially if the child has symptoms of brain injury. Mothers are posting descriptions on NVIC’s online Vaccine Freedom Wall of how they are being threatened and punished with dismissal from pediatric practices when they try to protect their children from vaccine reactions.

Watch a four-minuteVaccine Witnessing” video of this commentary and access live links to references or post a comment here.

Share your experience on NVIC’s Vaccine Freedom Wall if you have been harassed for exercising your human right to informed consent to vaccination, here.

NVIC’s Vaccine Information Featured this Friday, Aug. 31 and Sept. 7 on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime TV

Tune in to the popular women’s empowerment show, “The Balancing Act,” on Lifetime Television this Friday, Aug. 31 between 7 and 8 a.m. (ET/PT) to watch celebrity host Julie Moran talk with Barbara Loe Fisher and Vicky Debold, RN, PhD about the importance of parents finding a doctor they can trust, who will answer their questions and honor the vaccine decisions they make for their children. NVIC’s segment is part of a “Back to School with Julie Moran” special series that will air again on Friday, Sept. 7.

“Keeping Our Children Healthy is the Most Important Thing We Can Do”

“The Balancing Act” show focuses on bringing solutions to help women “balance life, career, family, and most importantly, themselves.” Doug Campbell, Founder and Executive VP of Programming for “The Balancing Act” said ” As parents, keeping our children healthy is the most important thing we can do. We’re happy to have the NVIC on our show to help educate our viewers on this vital topic.”

Watch a short video clip

describing NVIC’s segment on the Aug. 31 and Sept. 7, 2012 on “The Balancing Act” here.

Read NVIC’s Press Release about the segment here.

CA Bill to Restrict Personal Belief Exemption Passes

On Aug. 27 an amended California bill (AB2109) to restrict a parent’s ability to obtain a personal belief exemption to vaccination for their child to attend school, passed the Assembly by a vote of 49 to 24. The bill will force parents filing a non-medical exemption to pay for an appointment with a medical doctor or other state-designated medical worker and ask for a signature that permits the parent to obtain an exemption for religious, conscientious or philosophical beliefs.

School Nurses, Not Pharmacists Can Sign the Form

The bill was vigorously debated on the Senate floor on Aug. 22 after an amendment had been added to allow school nurses to sign the personal belief exemption form but denied pharmacists the right to sign the form due to opposition from the bill’s sponsor, pediatrician Richard Pan, M.D. (D-Sacramento). There are fewer than 2500 nurses working in California’s 10,000 schools but there are more than 300,000 pharmacists working in local drug stores.

Contact Governor Jerry Brown And Make Your Voice Heard

If Governor Jerry Brown signs AB2109 into law, it will take effect on Jan. 1, 2014. If you want to tell Governor Brown what you think about AB2109, sign up for NVIC’s Advocacy Portal and be put in touch with him with the touch of your I-phone screen or click of a computer mouse.

Watch the Aug. 22 Senate floor debate on AB2109 here. (scroll in to 4 hours, 20 minutes, 27 seconds)

Read the text of A2109here.


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