by Jon Rappoport

September 10, 2012


Surveillance is coming at us from all angles. Chips, drones, TSA checkpoints, smart meters, back-doored electronic products, video cameras, spying home appliances; our phone calls and emails and keystrokes and product purchases are recorded.

The government and its allied corporations will know whatever they want to know about us.

What then?

What happens when all nations are blanketed from stem to stern with surveillance?

Smart meters give us one clue. Public utilities, acting on government orders, will be able to allot electricity in amounts and at times it wishes to. This is leading to an overarching plan for energy distribution to the entire population.

Claiming shortages and limited options, governments will essentially be redistributing wealth, in the form of energy, under a collectivist model.

National health insurance plans (such as Obamacare) offer another clue. Such plans have no logistical chance of operating unless every citizen is assigned a medical ID package, which is a de facto identity card. In the medical arena, this means cradle-to-grave tracking.

Surveillance inevitably leads to: placing every individual under systems of control. It isn’t just “we’re watching you” or “we’re stamping out dissent.” It’s “we’re directing your participation in life.”

As a security analyst in the private sector once told me, “When you can see what every employee is doing, when you have it all at your fingertips, you naturally move on to thinking about how you can control those patterns and flows of movement and activity. It’s irresistible. You look at your employees as pieces on a board. The only question is, what game do you want to play with them?”

Every such apparatus is ruled, from the top, by Central Planners. When it’s an entire nation, upper-echelon technocrats revel in the idea of blueprinting, mapping, charting, and regulating the flows of all goods and services and people, “for the common good.”

Water, food, medicine, land use, transportation—they all become items of a networked system that chooses who gets what and when, and who can travel where, and under what conditions.

This is the wet dream of technocrats. They believe they are saving the world, while playing a fascinating game of multidimensional chess.

As new technologies are discovered and come on line, the planners decide how they will be utilized and for whose benefit.

In order to implement such a far-reaching objective, with minimal resistance from the global population, manufactured crises are unleashed which persuade the masses that the planet is under threat and needs “the wise ones” to rescue it and us.

We watch (and fight in) wars and more wars, each one exacerbated and even invented. We see (planned) drought and famine. We are told about desperate shortages and a frying Earth. We are presented with phony epidemics that are falsely promoted as scourges.

The only response, we are led to believe, is more humane control over the population.

On top of that, we are fed an unending stream of propaganda aimed at convincing us that “the great good for the greatest number” is the only humane and acceptable principle of existence. All prior systems of belief are outmoded. We know better now. We must be good and kind and generous to everyone at all times.

Under this quasi-religious banner, which has great emotional appeal, appears The Plan. Our leaders allocate and withhold on the basis of their greater knowledge. We comply. We willingly comply, because we are enlisted in a universal army of altruistic concern.

This is a classic bait and switch. We are taught to believe that service for the greater good is an unchallengeable goal and credo. And then, later, we find out it has been hijacked to institute more power over us, in every way.

The coordinated and networked surveillance of Earth and its people is fed into algorithms that spit out solutions. This much food will go here; that much water will go there; here there will be medical care; there medical care will be severely rationed. These people will be permitted to travel. Those people will be confined to their cities and towns.

Every essential of life—managed with on-off switches, and the consequences will play out.

An incredibly complex system of interlocking decisions will be hailed as messianic.

Surveillance; planning; control.

The surveillance is expanded, not because we are constantly under threat and must be protected from terrorists, but because we can then be labeled and entered on to 10 billion squares of the game board, to be moved around or held in place.

This is the vision.

It isn’t ours. It never was. But we are not consulted.

Instead we are made witness to watershed events: the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center; the 2001 assault on the Trade Center and the Pentagon. These ops paralleled the unleashing of better and more far-ranging methods of surveillance.

We are profiled down to the threads on our clothing and DNA in our cells. But what is our profile of the technocrats and their bosses?

They are divorced from human life. They live in a vacuum. They take pleasure from that vacuum.

In 1982, I interviewed Bill Perry, who had just left his job as PR chief at Lawrence Livermore Labs, where scientists design nuclear weapons. Perry had been given the kind of job PR people long for. But one day, when he passed the desk of a researcher and listened to his complaints about budget limitations, Perry said, “Listen, America already has the means to blow up the whole planet eight times. What more do you need?”

The researcher looked up at him with a genuinely puzzled expression. He said, “You don’t understand, Bill. This is a problem in physics.”

In the same detached sense, the technocrats who want to calculate and direct our future, move by move, minute by minute, see us as components of a complex and very interesting problem.

Yes, they indeed expect to exercise power and control. But they also live in an abstraction. They deal their answers from that realm. They exercise cool passion. They see, for example, that not every single twitch of thought of every person on earth is yet mapped, so they want to finish constructing the means by which they can chart those “missing elements.” They want to complete the formula.

They view their research as a wholly natural implication of the mathematics they can manipulate. They swim in technology and they want to extend its architecture. To abandon the program would be tantamount to denying their own intelligence. They climb the mountain because it is there.

They do perceive that one factor does not fit their algorithms: the free individual. It’s the wild card. Therefore, they are compelled to analyze freedom and break it down into DNA functions and brain processes. They assume, because they must, that the free individual is an illusory idea that flows from some older configuration of synaptic transmission, at a time in our evolution when we needed it. But now, they suppose, the engineering of human activity and thought has superseded such quaint notions. Now we all can be tracked, traced, and studied on a different and wider scale. Now we can be seen for what we really are: a hive.

Therefore, we must be instructed, within tight limits, about our various functions.

I’m reminded of a statement attributed to Nobel Laureate, Alfred Szent-Giorgi: “In my search for the secret of life, I have ended up with atoms and electrons, which have no life at all. Somewhere along the line, life has run through my fingers. So, in my old age, I am retracing my steps…”

Today’s technocrats will admit no such disappointment or existential crisis. They flourish with great optimism as they design the future world and its single society. If they run out of pieces of their puzzle to study, they’ll try to track the motion of every atom and electron and quark in the universe. They’ll delight in it.

Knowing all this, we know the terms of the war we are in.

The Central Planners have an equation: “free=uncontrolled=dangerous.”

By the gross terms of that equation, they lump us in with thugs and murderers and terrorists. They even see the normal functioning of the brain as a threat, as an intrinsically defective process, and they have long since decided that organ must be corrected with drugs.

We, on the other hand, must assert, in every way possible, that freedom is real and inviolable, and we must back that up with our actions.

When individual freedom is no longer discussed in great depth by people who should know better, when it is left to wither on the vine, many programs and structures are built to take its place. When freedom is not understood beyond a superficial level, the question, WHAT IS FREEDOM FOR, goes begging.

Of all the criticisms of our education system, this one should be primary. Thomas Jefferson envisioned public education purely as a way to teach children what being a citizen in a Republic meant—because, until the Constitution was enacted, there had never been an experiment in freedom on such a scale. It was a new premise.

Now, in one of our greatest cities, Chicago, people are scrambling to ensure that, during a teacher’s strike, schools can remain open as baby-sitting warehouses for half-days.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.



Jon Rappoport

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by Jon Rappoport

September 9, 2012


In major media, there is always a potential Threat Level. Reporters feel it. Editors who assign reporters stories feel it. Even CEOs can feel it.

It happens when a story is about to break through containment and show the public that a cherished belief or institution is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Bells start ringing. Red flags go up.

Time to pull back. Time to lie. Time to pretend there is nothing to see.

If not, jobs will be on the line. Heads will roll.

The JFK assassination was that kind kind of story. 9/11 is that kind of story. The true statistic on medically caused death in America is that kind of story. Such stories are not permitted to be exposed in the mainstream. And by exposed, I mean “pounded on, ripped from stem to stern, day after day, revealing true conspiracies and heinous crimes.”

Instead, false fronts are erected. Cover stories are built and sold to the masses. A secret faith is kept.

There are so many false fronts in so many areas of life that, woven together, they form an overall picture of reality.

When people buy this picture, the price they pay is very steep. They sacrifice their capacity to invent their own futures. They lose touch with their own imaginations.

They live within a defined space that grows smaller as they grow older. They compromise their core freedom again and again. They train themselves to “fit in.” In fact, they become experts at fitting in, right down to what they will allow themselves to think.

They lose the desire to express their freedom. Their physical health suffers and deteriorates. Their energy drains away.

This is what happens to most people.

I’ve known several mainstream reporters who felt they were on the verge of a breakthrough in their work. They were investigating major stories that, when published, would punch a hole in the picture of mass reality.

These reporters felt like explorers who had found a buried treasure at the end of a long and arduous journey.

Then the bells went off and the red flags went up. Editors shut them down. The editors, said, “We can’t touch this one.”

So the reporters stopped in their tracks. They buried their files. They put themselves in harness.

This is a metaphor for what happens to many, many people in their lives. They suddenly sniff the air of real freedom and discovery. They climb out of the morass called consensus reality, and know why they are alive. And then they think, “What will happen if I break the pledge to remain a normal and average person? How will my friends and family and co-workers react?”

They pause.

Then they retreat. They adjust. They go back to their former role of fitting in. Their friends and family breathe a sigh of relief.

For a moment or two, a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual crossroad had been reached. A person saw beyond the picture of ordinary reality. He saw huge open space. He knew he could act on the basis of an inner leverage that defied the laws of the material world. He knew there was a greater power within him.

But no…he wouldn’t take such a path. He would buy the reality created for him.

And then one day:


Step up, folks. This is a deal you can’t afford to miss. You know that thing you cling to like a drowning man in a turbulent sea?

It’s called reality, and I represent the company that manufactures it. I’m proud to say I’ve held this job for over a hundred thousand years. So as far as product knowledge is concerned, you just aren’t going to find anybody like me.

I’m here to tell you that reality is never anything more than rocks and bricks and concrete and steel. Reality is never anything more than a house and all the things in it, and the mementos you hold on to, to remind you of the past.

And in conjunction with that, I’m really selling…guess what? A little thing called perception.

I’m selling How You See Things, and what you think about what you see.

Because, no matter what time period you live in, it all comes down to that: how you see what’s in front of you.

And believe it or not, perception comes in different forms. My company makes the perception that endures. It’s the package you’re living with right now. It’s the down-to-earth here-it-is straight-ahead common-sense type. We call it: IT IS WHAT IT IS. That’s trademarked, by the way. ISWII. It is what it is.

ISWII was invented by a very smart guy whose name has been long forgotten. He was a flaming genius, and he realized something great. People would go for ISWII because it would lock them in.

Who wants to wake up on a Tuesday morning and suddenly see life in a completely different way? Who wants that kind of shock to the system?

ISWII is the most popular perception package in the universe, bar none. It has Reliability. Consistency.

All those centuries and epochs ago, when I was a rookie training for this job, the guys let me try on a whole bunch of different perception packages, so I could see what kind of competition I was up against.

I saw things I wouldn’t want to describe to you. Horrible things. And when I was given ISWII, our product, I felt like I was home.

ISWII gives you a stability you can count on for your whole life. And, believe me, that’s no small feat. We’ve built slow decay (SD) into the package, so things gradually deteriorate—because, think about it, do you really want that tree in your back yard to stay at one stage of growth forever? Do you?

ISWII is time-tested. It’s as solid as solid can be. It doesn’t break down.

But it does need vaccine boosters from time to time, and that’s why I’m here today talking to you.

Every twenty thousand years, we institute a planet-wide upgrade, just to make sure nothing goes wrong. And you’re all due.

Now, you could refuse, in which case you’ll have to take full responsibility for the ugly consequences, or you could do the right thing and just re-up. I have to tell you, our re-up rate is 99.859 percent. I’m proud of that figure.

By the way, the holdouts, the deniers, and the self-styled rebels? The governments of your planet keep close track of them. I feel obligated to let you know that. Without boosters, when your ISWII breaks down, you’re going to fail to fit in. Most definitely you’re going to experience some things other people just won’t understand. And your governments will hunt you down and lock you up, or worse.

That’s not my doing, because I believe in the free market, but it’s part of my service to clue you into the whole picture.

But here’s the good part. You can get your vaccine booster now, during our pre-op special, by simply signing for it and taking the pledge, and continuing to pay a mere sixty percent of of your annual income for the rest of your lives. Which when you think about it, is nothing for what you’re getting. Again, reliability, and consistency.

In the small print, the pledge lays out a few details concerning IMAGINATION. This is for your own protection—because if you take imagination too far (and who knows how far that is, until it’s too late), you’ll set up what we call an interference field, which means ISWII will tend to malfunction. You don’t want that.

So here’s the contract and the pledge. Sign on the dotted line, and pay the fee, and we’re done.

Thank you very much.

I love you guys. Really, I do. I admire your tenacity and your willingness to stay with our package. Our company continues to prosper because of you. Visit the ISWII website and Facebook page and find out about upcoming picnics and vacation tours. We’re hosting booster events at thousands of locations.

If you don’t come to us, we’ll come to you.

We’ve got you on our list.

THE PLEDGE: “I promise to see reality as the perception package presents it for me. I promise not to mess with the package. I promise to bury my own imagination and creative power and refrain from inventing realities of my own. When I take this perception-vaccine that installs and boosts the package, I understand that I must obey all the rules of reality that form the substance of my life. I will not stray. I will interact as a good and obedient citizen. I will follow the straight and narrow. I will see exactly as I’m suppose to see. I will report all suspicious activity to Central Planning. If I believe someone is operating outside the boundaries of the package, spewing strange ideas, rebelling, defecting from the consensus, I will report him or her promptly. If I myself stray, I will turn myself in and receive treatment. If not, I understand I will be hunted down like a dog and forcibly treated. All hail to the ISWII perception package!”

The reality salesman knows what he’s doing. He makes a very good living. Secretly, he knows our perception of our own lives and futures is grossly limited by his product, his package, just as our eyes can only see part of the light spectrum. He is aware of this.

He’s selling limitation and we’re buying limitation.

He works for a set of controllers. The controllers have long since realized that the package they’re selling cements their hegemony and their power over us. Because we can only act on what we see.

The one crack in their armor is our inner conviction that we can create new realities that go beyond what we ordinarily perceive.

And so they do everything in their power to indoctrinate us in a planetary cult of self-regulation, wherein we try to pull down “defectors” and rebels into our common swamp of acceptance and acquiescence.

In other words, the controllers need us to police ourselves.

And this is called Life.

It’s essentially a cartoon. Yes, it can be a vicious and nasty and inhibiting animation, but it’s a cartoon nonetheless, when is all is said and done.

Whether we sit still for it or break out is entirely up to us. It’s our choice.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.



Jon Rappoport

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Ban Ki-moon To Bow His Head Before John D. Rockefeller Jr. At UN Geneva Office | ExplosiveReports.Com


Ban Ki-moon To Bow His Head Before John D. Rockefeller Jr. At UN Geneva Office


Jurriaan Maessen
September 9, 2012

On September 10, 2012, Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon will open a reading room at the UN office in Geneva, Switzerland- dedicated to none other than international philanthropist (and by far the most generous beneficiary of 20th century eugenics) John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Besides the UN Secretary General, the opening will be attended by the Director General of the Geneva UN office Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the US permanent representative to the UN Betty King- as well as John D.’s great grandson Michael Rockefeller, who will be representing the family at the occasion.

Commemorating the 85th anniversary of Rockefeller’s donations to the League of Nations- the predecessor of the United Nations- the invitation states that “this exhibition highlights the essential role played by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace between 1920 and 1945 in the key technical activities of the League of Nations.”

After the League of Nations had outplayed itself after the rise of Hitler, Rockefeller also funded into being its successor. When Europe was still smouldering after World War II, Rockefeller Jr. donated six blocks of midtown Manhattan near the East River to accommodate the United Nations. His gift was worth $ 8.5 million. In 1945, this was an unprecedented amount.

Describing the late John D. Rockefeller Jr. as a “visionary philanthropist”, the website of the United Nations office in Geneva states that the event “has been conceived in line with the Secretary-General’s directive to “harness the full power of partnership”, to strengthen outreach activities and enhance the visibility of Geneva as a centre for international cooperation.”

The reading room is part of the UN archival library, describing itself as “part of a strong network of United Nations and UN system libraries, that share expertise, best practices and resources, and cooperate to ensure the best quality of products and services for their users.”

Rockefeller’s contributions to the first League of Nations library had amounted to a then unprecedented amount of $ 2 million. When the UN people describe Rockefeller as a visionary philanthropist, they are not kidding. The tycoon had funded all major international organizations into being that still call the shots. Besides countless other funding-campaigns, JDR Jr was reponsible for the following disturbing donations:

1: (from Wikipedia :) “crucially funded the formation and ongoing expenses of the Council on Foreign Relationships and its initial headquarters building, in New York in 1921.”

2: “established the Bureau of Social Hygiene in 1913.”

3: “provided crucial funding for Margaret Sanger in her work on birth control clinics and involvement in population issues.”

In the following eyeopening video provided by Oldthinkernews, the family’s involvement in eugenics is being elaborated upon:

The newly to be opened reading room, attended by none other than the Secretary General of the UN, can be considered a sick joke by the elite. It also has a cynical aspect to it. By providing the family correspondence for all researchers to investigate, the Rockefellers themselves can always with a more or less clear conscience state they are not working in secret. After all, are their archives not open to the public? The reason this is cynical in all respects, is that the elite knows only a handful of people will actually investigate. Just like in other archives, such as the Rockefeller Archives, researchers can find a lot of in-your-face eugenics confessions that will make the hairs in your neck stand on end. In my July 1 2012 article Rockefeller Council Demographers Subjected American Slums To Eugenic Mind-Control Ops, I quote directly from archive material, in which we learn of criminal activities by the Council and its demographers in the early 1960s.

The elite’s archiving activities are also being used to deflect crimes committed, focusing on petty historical curiosities, such as happened in 2009 when the Financial Times reported on the Rothschild family ties to slave traders.

Acting greatly surprised, British investment bank Rothschild in response had said it regretted “that the firm is linked in any way to the inhumane institution of slavery.” Supposedly big news to them, the ancient Rothschild establishment quickly muttered sounds of indignation after the report appeared in the new world order’s main media outlet, the Financial Times.

According to the 2009 FT article, the chief archivist of the Rothschild family papers “reacted with disbelief when first told of the content of the records, saying she had never seen such links before.”

The archivist in question must have either suffered from long-term memory loss, or her masters have employed the woman because of her excellent lying skills. Although called a “scoop” by Lionel Barber in his pick of the week, the family’s links to slave trade have been thoroughly documented throughout the last decades by numerous independent researchers. But never mind that.

The Financial Times nevertheless claims to have broken the story on June 27th that Nathan Mayer Rothschild benefited financially from slavery. According to the article, records at the National Archives in Britain contain evidence that the family patriarch “made personal gains by using slaves as collateral in banking dealings with a slave owner.”

Well yeah. It should come as no surprise for anyone who has even superficially glanced over the annals of Rothschild history that the family has engaged in slavery, not just “with links” to slave-owners. They, like all other black nobility, are the slave-owners.

Should we be genuinely surprised about links to slavery from the man who told us “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, (…). The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”?

Obviously Nathan Mayor Rothschild’s links to slavery have not been limited to just incidental financial ties to slave-owners, the name of Rothschild is synonymous with the very concept of slavery- which the dictionary defines as “a form of forced labour in which people are considered to be, or treated as, the property of others.” And that just about covers the entire history of the Redshield genealogy, from its registered beginnings in the 18th century to our current days- where the family uses not chains to put people into submission, but carbon credits and other global taxation policies in the name of “sustainable development.”

Another definition of slavery is given by the online dictionary, summing up the family practices pretty well:

“The state of one bound in servitude as the property of a slaveholder or household.” The only difference between the slavery practiced by bearded slave masters on creaking coffin-ships and the Rothschild family is the scale of the slavery, magnified to proportions way beyond normal human understanding. Unless you disregard bounding nations in economic choke-holds as a form of slavery, the family Rothschild is the ultimate slaveholder, exceeding anything a regular slave master could possibly be engaged in. This whole dirty business in which the family excels is reminiscent of the words of Joseph Stalin: “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.”

By focusing in on this or that incidental involvement in the slave trade, the Financial Times cleverly shifted the true blame away from the real crime perpetrated by the family: the enslavement of nations by controlling the money supply. This allows for the family to react with feigned repentance over long forgotten mishaps, while breathing a sigh of relief that the carefully contrived plan for world domination remains safely locked inside the family chest of secrets.

Perhaps it would be an idea to pull out a shovel and visit some of these archives- including the fresh Rockefeller reading room in Geneva. No doubt a treasure of confessed treacheries will surface and we may be able to use their own “transparency” against them.

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