LaRouche: Learn the Lessons of Libya – Remove Obama From Power Now!

LaRouche Irish Brigade

Leaflet available for mass distribution

In the wake of the tragic killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, the United States Congress and political leaders should finally learn their lesson, said LaRouche PAC founder Lyndon LaRouche today. President Obama’s implementation of the British policy of regime change in Libya, in the name of “humanitarian intervention,” is the direct cause of this disaster. And if he is permitted to continue in office, where he is pursuing the same policy—despite resistance—in Syria, he is going to lead the world into a thermonuclear World War III.

“I warned the Congress at the time,” LaRouche said, “against permitting the President to launch this illegal, aggressive war to topple Qaddafi. But the Senate, led by the pusillanimous Sen. Kerry, refused to act to defend the Constitution. The result was an alliance with al-Qaeda operatives and other London jihadists, who have now been deployed as a force…

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