Obama Defends False 9/11 Narrative And Absolves USrael of Guilt For Middle East Chaos In Bizarre UN Speech – BlackListedNews.com


Obama Defends False 9/11 Narrative And Absolves USrael of Guilt For Middle East Chaos In Bizarre UN Speech

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September 27, 2012 Print Version

By Saman Mohammadi – The Excavator

In a bizarre speech at the United Nations, President Obama blamed the recent uptick in Middle East rage against the U.S.on a silly YouTube trailer for the film “Innocence of Muslims.”

Obama failed to mention that, prior to the release of the trailer, multiple and illegal U.S. occupations of Muslimcountries after the false flag September 11 events had already made Muslims angry at the United States government.Rage against the godless and Evil Empire was brewing way before any talk of an anti-Islam film surfaced in the MiddleEast.

Obama clearly lives in an alternate universe. According to his worldview, Washington’s unconditional support for theterrorist state in Israel isn’t as big of a deal in the Muslim world as the airing of a 12 minute film trailer mocking ProphetMuhammad.

I’m guessing Obama doesn’t believe in his own words and is deliberately deceiving the world about the nature andorigin of the chaotic events in the Middle East. And it shouldn’t be surprising to see Obama lie so profusely in a majorinternational speech. After all, lying is the biggest cornerstone of his re-election strategy. His biggest lie is thathe ordered the death of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. Only Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells morelies on the U.N. stage.

The truth is that Obama has killed more women and children with his drones than actual terrorists. The truth is thatwithout deception Obama wouldn’t be President. The truth is that this naked emperor has nothing to stand onexcept lies.

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