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Petraeus Resignation About More Than Sexual Indiscretion

10 Nov (LPAC) General David Petraeus suddenly resigned Friday afternoon as CIA Director, issuing a brief statement that he had an extra-marital affair. The reality is that his resignation, according to at least one senior U.S. intelligence official, may well have been the result of more than sexual misconduct. Petraeus, in Lyndon LaRouche’s words, had become the “godfather” of President Obama’s drone assassination program. There is growing opposition to that policy of indiscriminate drone assassinations, and, according to the sources, that opposition caught up to Petraeus. The question is whether it will catch up with Obama in time.

According to the source, a powerful minority grouping in the intelligence community and national security establishment has been opposed to the drone program for some time, and many top veterans of the CIA were furious at Petraeus for transforming the CIA into a para-military adjunct to the military’s special operations apparatus. With Muslim Brotherhood governments already in power in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, and the prospects of more Brotherhood power sharing in Syria and Mali, the idea of defeating neo-Salafi terrorism with drone warfare is preposterous, the source declared. The ouster of Petraeus is part of a growing factional battle over these key policy issues. His departure could badly damage President Obama, according to the source.

The Benghazi investigation, he added, will not be suppressed. There is too much momentum and too much demand for answers. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made clear that she will not participate in a cover-up, and has indicated that she will testify truthfully before Congress and provide any documents legitimately demanded. So far, the CIA, the Pentagon and the State Department have all provided detailed accounts of their actions in response to the attack on the Benghazi consulate on 9/11. Whether or not they have told the “whole truth” is another matter altogether. But so far, the White House has refused to provide any serious accounting of what the President knew beforehand, what he did when he learned of the Benghazi attack, and how he and Susan Rice came to spread the lies afterwards.

Read the rest of the source report here

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