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Do your job

Do what you are being comfortably paid to do – to protect the public and serve the law.

You are doing neither – you are protecting pedophiles, criminals and demonic plunderers. Do your job.

Start to work within the law not as outlaws. Work within Common Law under the Magna Carta as you should be; not within this filthy jewelian oppressive admiralty/maritime contract law. Do your job.

Start to act as a servant to the public, to the people and not to elite Jewish families as you currently are. Do your job.

Start to have self worth, pride in your occupation and levels of conscience with your role in life as a policeman/woman should have. Do your job.

Begin to act under integrity and have depth of character by serving the greater good, not mammon and your overlords. Do your job.

Wake up from your slumber and look at the despicable acts you are DIRECTLY supporting – the crimes, the degradation of society, the Orwelian state. Do your job.

THINK for a moment about what exactly you are doing. THINK about what impact YOUR actions are directly and indirectly going to have on your future, your families future – what nightmarish world you are helping to create. Do your job.

Look around at your corrupt colleagues and associates in other Jewish-controlled government organisations. How can you fail to not see this blatant evil?? Yet you CHOSE every day to go along with this nonsense. Do your job.

What does it mean to you to be a policeman, an ‘officer’? How does it honestly make you feel? Big? Special? Superior/better? Secure? Are you really satisfied with yourself at the end of a day’s shift? Do your job.

You are now a million miles away from the original purpose of policing. Your role now as a modern day policeman and woman is diametrically opposite to serving goodness – YOU ARE WORKING ON BEHALF OF EVIL. YOU ARE SERVING A DEMONIC FORCE. Snap out of your coma and

Do your job!

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