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Jurriaan Maessen
Januari 4, 2013

Baywatch star Alexandra Paul recently spoke at the TEDX conference, calling not only for a total rewiring of the human biology “to recognize the benefits of a one-child family”, but also for the global human population to be brought down to two billion- an 75% reduction compared to current levels.

Paul, who starred in over 70 films and television shows, explicitely states the entire modern day culture should serve to convince people to “rewire our biology” so that the natural urge to procreate will be changed into a rational, “eco-friendly” one, aspiring to just one child per family.

“Will it (world population) stop growing because of famine, disease, or war over resources- or will it stop growing because people choose to have smaller families- and by smaller families I mean one-child familes.”

Although Paul stresses that “forcing people to have fewer children does not work”, she does emphasize that modern culture should be molded in such a way, as to convince people that we have to “change and rewire our biology and our culture to recognize the benefits of a one-child family.”

“As a culture we need to emphasize the benefits of having a one-child family so people will choose to have fewer kids.”, she stated.

The Baywatch swimsuit-star explains why she has chosen to not have kids:

“(kids) might be wonderful, but they’re also wasteful.”

Quoting UN population projections, she advocated a fairly enormous reduction of humans compared to current numbers:

“The number of humans on earth needs to go down. And I believe it needs to go down to two billion.”, she said.

She closed her anti-human speech by calling on her listening audience to take her words to heart and quit reproducing after the first child:

“Let’s be part of the solution, and choose from now on to bring forth no more than one child ourselves.”