Biden on Gun Control Laws: “This is the Beginning of the Process”


Biden on Gun Control Laws: “This is the Beginning of the Process”

Vice President Joe Biden is not the smartest cookie in politics. In fact, I would rank him among the dumbest members of the Executive Branch in American history.

Biden continually demonstrates his lack of intelligence by making statements and claims that are patently false. Many are easily disproven, but that doesn’t stop him from repeating them time and time again as we saw during the 2012 elections.

Then there are those famous statements like ‘buy a shotgun’ and advising people that if they have a potential intruder to go outside (where the intruder happens to be), and fire your shotgun into the air. Okay, in most areas, it’s illegal to fire a gun in the city, in a neighborhood or close to homes. Secondly, after you empty your shotgun into the air, you now find yourself outside with the intruder and with an empty shotgun. DUH!

Or he advises that you just fire your shotgun through the front door. So what if it’s not an intruder at the door? What if it’s your husband or wife fumbling with their keys in the lock?

Does the Vice President ever really think about what he says before he says it?

On rare occasions, he does speak the truth and spill the beans per se on things that shouldn’t have been spilled. And that’s just what he did Wednesday when he was pontificating on the upcoming Senate votes on the various gun-control measures.

Biden was on a conference call organized by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. During the conference call, Biden said:

“That doesn’t mean this is the end of the process. This is the beginning of the process.”

Bingo! It’s not about preventing violence, but about an agenda. I’ve been saying all along that the current gun control measures being pushed by Obama and fellow Democrats is only the first step to a total disarmament of the American people. They’ll start with vilifying assault and assault-style weapons along with high capacity magazines. Once they successfully ban them, they’ll start on another category of firearms, probably handguns since more handguns are used in crimes than any other type of firearm. Then the rest of the rifles and shotguns until every type of gun will be illegal to own, sell, trade, or even talk about.

Yes, Mr. Vice President, I agree with you. This is the beginning of the process and for once you have spoken some of the truest words ever to emerge from your lips. But be warned that it’s a process that millions of Americans will fight against with every last ounce of their strength and every last drop of their blood.

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