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Google Glass: obedience to the Matrix

Google Glass: obedience to the Matrix

by Jon Rappoport

April 14, 2013


It’s now being suggested that Google Glass, the computers worn over the eyes, can be used to catch rogue stock traders before they wander off the reservation and destroy the firms they work for.

Google Glass records everything the wearer sees and says. So if all brokers are ordered to have them, their every move can be observed by company spies. Wonderful, right?

And if traders can be kept in line, how about bank tellers and nurses and teachers and gun shop owners and chefs and cab drivers and lifeguards and blackjack dealers and realtors and assembly-line workers and kindergarten kids? How about everybody?

This could be the new media. Put it all online. “Here’s what happened at Wal-Mart today, as seen through the eyes of a checkout clerk.”

Believe me, there are many people who would welcome Glass-security measures as a necessary innovation. Destroying freedom and privacy would be counted as “regrettable side effects.”

Glass: One more move in the development of a complete android society.